Commercial Cleaning Mernda

We have been cleaning office spaces in Mernda for years and with the level of service that we offer, our names come to the list of top-rated office cleaning services in the area. If you are someone who wants to ensure that the workplace looks and feels inviting with no traces of dirt or dust then going in for our professional commercial cleaning mernda services needs to be on the priority list.

We have seen many clients sharing their feedback that after we cleaned their office, the team was more comfortable sitting and working there and the guests too left with some great compliments.

Our mantra for office cleaning is simple; every office is different and so has to be the plan of action. Our experienced technicians carry out a detailed inspection of the workplace and then marks out the zones that need regular cleaning and the ones that need a deep clean and in accordance with this, the cleaning plan is made.

Not only this, we inspect every single area after the cleaning is done to ensure that you get a dazzling looking office that smells great and looks spick and span.

We have worked in offices of all sizes, for us, the prime goal is to clean the area so that the client ends up being delighted, if you are not happy our work isn’t done yet.

We Have Cleaned All Kinds Of Commercial Premises

With a trained team of technicians, we enjoy cleaning and for us, every assignment is an exciting one & this is what keeps the adrenaline high all through the cleaning process. We have worked closely on commercial premises belonging but not limited to the following categories.


We have offered the best office cleaning services to schools, colleges, educational institutes, child care centers, daycare facilities and while cleaning these areas we ensure that the areas most prone to germs such as washrooms and poolside zones are cleaned using high pressures jets to get rid of all germs, allergens and dust accumulations.


With an aim to offer meticulous cleaning services we ventured into the area of healthcare premises, complexes and since then there has been no looking back. The areas that we have cleaned with precision in the past include clinics, hospitals, medical centers and care facilities. As we are obsessed with perfection, our focus is always on making the area germ free and when it comes to health care complexes that dedication gets multiplied as we know that hundreds of people visit here for treatment and thus the complex needs to be completely germ and bacteria-free.


We love to get positive feedback from our clients and this is why when it comes to corporate commercial premises, we cover it all ensuring that all accessible areas are cleaned. We will clean the work station, meeting room, kitchen area, dining area and the conference hall taking utmost care that the equipment installed is also cleaned and that too without causing any disruption or damage.


Mernda Carpet Cleaning is known for the best industrial cleaning services and the reason behind this is the arsenal we possess. Whether you have a huge factory or production unit or manufacturing plant or warehouse, our heavy-duty cleaning machines will clean it all and that too without creating any mess.

If you want us to clean your office space, you just need to book an appointment for a site inspection. Our technicians will give you the quotes for the best commercial cleaning Mernda services in no time.

At Mernda Carpet Cleaning Whatever We Do- We Do It Best

MCC is a cheap commercial cleaning but that does not mean that we compromise with the quality of cleaning services being offered. We have the rates realistic so that obtaining the best office cleaning should not look like a pocket emptying affair for our clients.

We have a broad range of cleaning solutions that cover:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning

We have been continuously spending money on training our team to use the latest cleaning equipment & this is what makes us a preferred for even the most complex cleaning assignments. No matter how filthy a commercial complex looks, we promise to give it a clean transformation by cleaning all accessible areas using the best cleaning products & equipment.

We are not a newbie here in the industry as soon as you enter office cleaning near me in the search engine you will see Mernda Carpet Cleaning in the list of top cleaning agencies and that says it all.

We have got our hard-earned repute at stake, the cleaning that we do will surely surpass your expectations.

Proudly Serving in Mernda, Vic